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Rego information and rego stickers for SA

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From the 1st of July in 2011 the Government of South Australia made various modifications to cars and truck rego and rego stickers for SA residents. The modifications consist of:

The abolishment of rego stickers

The SA Government has actually stopped the issuing of rego stickers for light cars. Vehicles in this section are cars, bikes, trailers, watercraft, trailers, horse floats as well as caravans. Heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes (gross) are still needed to present a heavy vehicle rego sticker.

Elimination of 6 & 9 month rego periods

With the elimination of 6 and 9 month rego durations, drivers are left with either 3 or 12 months. This has actually supposedly been put in place to simplify the revival process for light vehicles. These changes do not affect special as well as hefty function automobiles.

Examining if a vehicle is registered

You might not believe this is essential for your very own auto yet it will can be found in convenient if you are driving a vehicle that is allegedly signed up by someone else. You can check a vehicle’s rego by checking out the due date by means of:

Online at the EzyReg site

Using one the EzyReg application for iPhone and Android mobile phones.

Call 1300 133 776.

Penalties for unregistered automobiles

South Australia has some of the heftiest fines in Australia when it pertains to driving an unregistered vehicle. Get captured and you could be up for a maximum charge of $2,500. The existing expiation cost, since July 1st 2012, for driving an unregistered vehicle is $325 and $601 for an uninsured vehicle.

To learn more browse through as well as follow through to the enrollments and lorries website.

The SA Government has discontinued the issuing of rego stickers for light automobiles. Heavy lorries over 4.5 tonnes (gross) are still called for to present a hefty vehicle rego sticker.

These modifications do not impact special and also hefty function lorries.

The existing expiation charge, as of July 1st 2012, for driving a non listed vehicle is $325 as well as $601 for an uninsured vehicle.